“ Our philosophy is to treat every job as if we are working on our own home. That’s my criteria. That’s the standard that we demand of ourselves,” explains Greg Jelas, owner and director of GBJ Concrete.


It’s a family philosophy that has served him well in his 40 plus years in the concrete industry. He started in 1967 working with his father as a concrete contractor and his latest venture, GBJ Concrete, was formed with his son Brandon in 2004. 


Concreting has been a highly rewarding career for Greg with several long term stints in Australia and numerous visits to the United States to learn the latest in concrete technology. His quest to bring the latest concrete developments to New Zealand and Australia has always been for the benefit of his customers.


During those 40 years Greg has clocked up a lifetime’s experience of learning different applications, techniques and worked under searing heat and freezing cold conditions to lay concrete. Perhaps his greatest skill that he brings to any one job is his ability to assess the site conditions and then successfully deliver the customer’s expectations.


Coupled with these skills Greg is also an accomplished listener who takes time while quoting to understand the customer’s needs. He and his team want to deliver a professional job – his reputation is on the line.


His initial concrete work included curb and channeling, footpaths, drives and right of ways, and then branched further into floors, block work and rock walls. While in the Gold Coast in the early 80’s, Greg worked on high rise and large concrete road machines, often placing up to one kilometer per day of concrete road.


In the 90’s Greg introduced a new concept to New Zealand. He imported two concrete trucks from the US which provided mobile mixing plants that worked from the back of the trucks.


Concrete resurfacing also appealed to his innovative nature. To expand his skill portfolio he bought the rights to manufacture, distribute and train applicators to apply the CTi resurfacing product in the South Pacific. The ability of this product to extend the life of the original concrete opened up exciting new markets that took Greg back to Australia for another eight years.


It was in 2004 that Greg decided to settle back in New Zealand and joined forces with his son Brandon to form GBJ Concrete. With their focus on the domestic market, Greg saw   a more professional approach was needed in the industry.


Brandon certainly had the experience becoming a skilled concreter at a very young age. He has memories as a six year old in Australia helping prepare the steel for the concrete road on the Gold Coast. Upon leaving school Brandon worked with his father in the concrete resurfacing industry for a few years and showed his entrepreneurial spirit by running his own van and contracting business.


Later he moved back into the concrete laying field and mastered all the skills of concrete contracting – placing and finishing off all types of concrete from exposed drives, floors, paths to large commercial floors. Time spent overseas advanced his concrete skills even further.


Drawing together this vast experience and concrete knowledge of both father and son has no doubt contributed to the success of GBJ Concrete. They have established a strong business that sometimes employs up to eight staff to handle the work load. Their key market areas include driveways, paths, floors, patios, concrete right of ways and large concrete roads in exposed aggregate. 




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